Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Essentials

Today I finally have for you something fall related. I've been waiting for this season all year. Why? Halloween, duh. Oh, and fall fashion, yeah, that too. But when it comes to that we all have those essentials that we will never give up on. I'm no different, but this time I'd like to share some of them with you. All of them are from Stylewe and are a part of my fall wishlist.

We all know how important sweatshirts are during this time of the year. I basically live in them. This one is a little bit different, has a major halloween vibe and I love it.
Ripped jeans are just to spice up the whole look, I don't think they can be a stable in everyones wardrobe but they sure are in mine.
And lastly, a backpack. I've been debating with myself whether I should include it or not but I personaly find them really conveniant and sometimes even more comfortable than a bag

This outfit is definitely more fun but still full of my fall fashion essentials.
First of all - jacket. I don't really have to explain anything here, am I right? But this year I feel a little bit more daring I guess, so this yellow coloured jacket is perfect, also - halloween vibes again.
Long sleeved shirts are definitely stables, but personaly,  sometimes I find them a bit boring so this one with cut outs on the shoulders is great. And lastly, jeans. I obviously prefer distressed ones, they're just simply more interesting.

Also, if you like more dressy outfits Stylewe has got you. Just click here and you definitely won't regret.


  1. Ta pomarańczowa bluzka jest świetna. :D Żeby ludzie nosili ubrania w tak energetycznych kolorach to jesień nie byłaby smutną porą roku. xD Ogólnie zdecydowanie bardziej wolę plecaki niż torebki, nic mi nie przeszkadza, rąk nie zajmuje, nikogo *ekhem, teoretycznie* nie uderzam niechcący. Same zalety. :'D

  2. fajne ubranka :)) Pozdrawiam i zapraszam na:

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